Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Making Money Online

You've no doubt heard of marketers using the Internet to pull in hundreds of dollars at a time, and you want in their secrets. Look no further! By the time you're at the end of this blog, you will understand how viral incentive websites work, where they get money to pay you, and how to best get into a credible site to began cashing in!

You've got a job, but the checks coming in are making a fast U-turn back out in the form of bills and living expenses. Are you going to continue to sit around griping about it, or are you going to jump on this and change things in your life?

-What about that car you'd love to buy but just can't quite afford?

-What about that gift you'd love to get your kids or that special someone?

-Are you a student looking for a way to pick up a few hundred dollars without sacrificing valuable study time?

-Are you looking for a little extra cash in your wallet?

-Perhaps you just want a low maintenance additional/alternative income?

Well, a new form of business marketing has made these goals entirely possible! Many have discovered it already, but since you are reading this, chances are you haven't. Read on and I'll explain to you in great detail how money can be so accessible to you through this advertising arrangement.

In a nutshell, viral incentive sites send users (you and me) to companies seeking new customers. In response, these companies will pay you a "bounty" from $40-$599! Sound absurd? Not when taking into consideration the money, work, headaches and organization that is bypassed!

Does a free $599 check sound too good to be true? Don't take my word for it! Hundreds of people and credible new sources are testament that these are more than empty promises. Check out the testimonials and proof photos, then check out the tests and results from major news corporations below:

NBC Special Report
Article in WIERD News
Note: these companies are giving away physical gifts rather than money, but operate on the exact same principle.

Skeptical? Sure you are, and no one's to blame you. Skepticism is everyone's first reaction when they hear the words "online" and "money". Giving away money is neither rational, nor economical. Besides, it's not in our nature just to hand out free goods/services unless we have something to gain from it, so what's the catch? There is no catch. Rather, an explanation.

To understand this concept, you must understand the extreme lengths companies will go for new customers. In the Unites States alone, over 24.1 billion dollars was spent in advertising and marketing in 2007.

In today's competitive markets, companies are forced to spend millions of dollars in ads, promotions and awareness campaigns just to have a fair shot at their target market. Because of this, ad prices have soared.

Keep in mind, all the following ad campaigns DO NOT guarantee new customers:

  • Television ads - According to CNN money, ad space for super bowl ads costs upwards of $80,000 per second! Blockbuster paid 2.6 billion for a single 30 second super bowl ad, and this cost isn't counting the many millions more in commercial production and promotional!
In addition the above prices, thousands more will be paid in design, production, casting and writing.

Bottom line? Getting new customers is VERY expensive.

Now compare this to the concept of viral incentive marketing, which is defined by companies paying you from $40-$599 for trying them out (regardless of weather you stay on or not) and referring others to do the same.

Viral incentive sites send users to customer-seeking companies. In response, the company will pay a "bounty" to the viral incentive site that is then passed on to you. The money, work, headaches, and organization we discussed is completly bypassed!

This is like a cash-back, if you will, from the advertiser to you with the viral incentive site acting as a mediator.

"The model is beautiful,...(The companies) are paying for a specific customer after acquiring the customer. It's not branding. It's not non-responsive advertising.... It's low-risk marketing. It's a very efficient system." Adteractive's Canoso ©

Let's look at how this circle works. We'll use the inexpensive offer for this example:

  • Blockbuster wants new customers, but doesn't want to pay an advertising company for a costly ad campaign that doesn't come with a customer guarantee.
  • Because of the above reason, Blockbuster has placed a free ad on a viral incentive site and will pay a set amount AFTER they receive a customer from this ad.
  • A viral incentive website user (you or me) clicks on Blockbuster's advertiser link. You are then transferred to where you can then sign up for the trial.
  • After you have signed up for blockbusters trial, blockbuster will see they have received a new customer (you) from the viral incentive site.
  • For providing a hassle free customer, Blockbuster pays the viral marketing site an set amount of money, or "bounty", that is then turned over to you!

Blockbuster just got a hassle free potential customer without doing any work on their part! All the organization, money, and headaches involved in the costly ad campaigns has been bypassed.

While the bounty given is not disclosed to the exact amount, the site owners contacted say it ranges from $25 and $90 depending on the program and the kind of customer it attracts.

While $90 seems like a lot, keep in mind this is peanuts compared to the millions spent on TV and magazine ads, which DON'T guarantee new customers.

See how this works? It's not the viral incentive sites doing you the favor, It's you doing the favor not only for them, but also for the advertiser (since they got a new customer out of the deal).

After looking into it, one realizes it all makes sense. Understanding the business model is key to many people's decision to try viral incentive sites such as these.

Read on! If you pass this up, your sleep will be haunted on how you traded an easy on-line cash flow for five minutes of reading time you didn't feel like spending!

Alright, now we understand how the business model works and how these companies can make a profit. Your first step in making free money online is to join a reliable network.

There are a large number of viral incentive networks, but of all the networks I've worked with, ordercash4free, and especially customorderthis, are among the top tier in customer support and the number of offers available.

After you sign-up to the site, you are given a choice of amounts to receive. Keep in mind, one referral = $50, so if you chose $150, you will need three referrals to be able to place your order ($50 x 3 = $150). Likewise, if you choose $50 as your payout, you will only need one referral.

After you have chosen your amount, you will find yourself at your status page. Click the "offers" tab to view a list of reputable companies.

This is the part where most people chicken out. If you're nervous about handing over personal information, notice the following:

  • The money making site itself never comes in contact with your credit card info/personal information.
  • Say you go with Blockbuster. Notice that the $9.99 is paid at and not at the viral incentive site. The only company that will come in contact with your credit card information is the company you signed up for the offer with.
  • Because of the tough competition viral incentive sites face, giving away your information would be a bad business decision. These sites can't afford to ruin their reputation since these legitimate sites are largely considered "shady" by those with narrow minds (which coincidentally, is the majority)
  • Since these are largely recognized as brick-and-mortar companies (AOL, Blockbuster, True, Citibank, Netflix, etc) that people would feel comfortable giving away information too, your information is kept safe.
Personally, I've never received any spam from these companies, but again, it's better not to take chances.

If you are worried about spam, feel free to create a free yahoo mail or gmail account. Keep in mind though if you receive spam, it would be from the advertisers, NOT from the free money site.

Looking through the ads and choosing an offer that looks like the most fun is my favorite part. Online dating? Movie rentals? Teeth whitening? It's all there! You'll find that you rarely will spend over $3-$9.99, and most of the time this small sum is just to cover the shipping and processing fees.

For the most part, the offers take no more then 5-10 minutes to complete. This step is mandatory since this is where the network gets its "bounty" to pay for your payout as we explained earlier.

Offers choices

In the offers list, look at the choices and pick an offer that sounds interesting to you.

When you have clicked on an offer, it will open in a new window. Popup/ad filters may interfere in they are currently turned on.

The list of available offers will change occasionaly, but here are some I highly recommend:

  • Yahoo Search Success Center - FREE! - Make profits online with Yahoo search marketing.
  • Increase My Margin - costs $4.95 - Take your ebay skills to the next level.
  • Blockbuster - costs $9.95 for one month. Rent movies and have them delivered to your front door.

  • SEO Google Kit - costs $4.95 - Turn your website into a revenue generator in minutes.
  • Credit Check Total - FREE - Monitor your credit checks.
  • - cost varies - Buy any item for a large discount.
  • Disney Book Club - costs $4.99 - Get seven Disney books.
  • Dr. Suess Book Club - costs $4.99 - Get seven Dr. Suess books.
  • eAuctionTutor - costs $4.95 - All encompassing ebay home business starter kit.
  • Google Home Business - costs $4.95 - Turn a website into a cash generator.
If inexpensive is the name of your game, check out these 1$ offers that come with a free $25 giftcard (I have done most of these and highly recommend them).
  • Doubleday Book Club - 1$
  • - 1$
  • Great Fun - 1$
  • FreeCreditReport - 1$
  • Privacy Matters 123 - 1$
You'll need one full credit, so if you do a 1/2 credit offer, you'll need to do a second 1/2 credit offer.

After signing up for the offer, you will see in your status page that you have receive a credit on your account. Though most offers credit instantly, some may take a day or more. The offers page lists the time it takes for the offer to credit.

Make sure to follow the offer directions closely to activate your account. If you find you hate the service, don't cancel immediately, be sure to give the offer a chance. Remember the whole reason this system works is because companies are looking to gain new customers.

Congratulations! You've successfully entered the profitable world of online-marketing!

You found an offer you liked, perhaps you are listening to a few free mp3's out of the deal! But here's where the money making really comes into play. Since money making is the main draw here, pay attention. You have done this first step, so the next thing is referring other folks to join the same site.

This concept is not new either. They are offering, in essence, a highly modified "points program" similar to, say, frequent flier miles.

Each offer your referrals complete provides the free money site with $25-$90 which quickly adds up for the free money site. Say your three referrals do an offer that pays a $70 bounty to the viral incentive site. 3 refs x $70 = $210. We see the three-way win come into play again. Advertisers get the benefit of three haste free customers, you make $150, and the free money site gets the left-over revenue of $60 (the viral incentive sites are a business, and that's the whole point).

Using your user-base to aquire now customers is common practice in everything from gyms (refer a friend and get three gym membership months free), free cell phone minutes, or a month of free rentals in netflix. It's the same concept, just applied to a money making site. Rather than getting free cell phone minutes, we simply receive the benefit in cash.

Once you have signed in, you will see your status page along with a referral link which is unique to you.

Each referral is equal to $50. Since getting referrals is where you will be making money, the golden rule is to get your referral link in as many places as possible.

Depending on what amount of money you choose (ranges from $50 to $599), your requirements will vary. The higher the prize, the more referrals you will need. If you select $50, you will only need one referral. If you select $150, you will need three referrals.

Get creative! The more places you can get your link, the more signups you are likely to get. Get your referral link posted online wherever you can find a place for it, and tell people about it.

  • Forums
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Relatives
  • E-mail signatures
  • Forum signatures
  • Start a chain e-mail with your signature (how far would that go!?)
  • Make a blog (don't copy mine though!)

All the next day and night, your links will be working hard for you bringing in referrals without you doing any additional work!

If you get on top of getting your referral link to your friends and on the web, it won't take long at all for you to submit your account for approval (the fastest I've don't it is one and a half days). Approval is simply the free money site going over your account and making sure everything is in order and making sure you didn't violate the terms and conditions.

Approval time varies per site, but the approval time for customorderthis is among the fastest I've encountered. Keep in mind, achieving 5 referrals who only join, but don't complete their offer, will not earn you money.

Doubt you can find enough non-skeptical people for this? No worries. The amounts go down to small referral requirements. If you doubt you have 10 friends who would be willing to do an offer to make you $500 worth of money, chose $50 (in the custom order section) requiring only one referral. Once you have this initial payment, it will be much easier for you to conquer your friends skepticism once you can actually show them proof!

Tips to keep your account free of the dreaded "on hold" stamp

If you have violated the terms and conditions in any way, you account may be placed "on hold" until you can provide an explanation. There is a very good reason for this.

We have already mentioned that these sites are 100% advertiser supported. Since this is their only source of income, they take great pains to know when your referrals are not unique so don't try to beat the system in any way. They have many ways to check, so don't try to cheat!

Just some general rules to avoid the dreaded "on hold" stamp over your account.

- Never have more then one person per household, per shipping address, per unique individual, per computer, per ISP/IP. This pertains to EACH freebie site. You can always join more than 1 freebie site. (look at the links to the right or below for more "proven legit" freebie sites)

- Never use public networks (dorm rooms, library, etc.) to signup, login, and/or participate

- Never enter any fake information. If you give them the wrong e-mail address, how will they send you your paypal payment?

- Never use proxies when registring.

- Never do the same offer more than once.

Once you get your offer done, your referrals and you've clicked the "place order" button, check your paypal balance to find that beautiful enty!

There has been some confusion between viral incentive sites and the fraudulent pyramid marketing scheme. This association could not be further from the truth.

A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent system of money making which requires an endless stream of recruits for continuation.

If this were a pyramid scheme, you would have had to pay to join the site and you would not receive your $150 payment until you had gotten three referrals (who also would have had to pay to join the site) that have individually gotten themselves three referrals (who again, would have had paid to join the site).

A fraction of your money you paid to join the site, plus the money paid by the three people you referred, plus the money paid by nine additional referrals your initial three referrals referred, would be then given to you.

Pyramid schemes are illegal because inevitably, somewhere down the line, a few people walk away with a lot of money with the rest (that would be us) loosing whatever they put in. This is not the case viral incentive sites. We as customers are walking away with a portion of the profits.

Additionally, the free money sites aren't receiving any money directly from you, the people you refer, or the people your referrals refer. These sites get their money from the advertisers for providing a potential new customer as we explained earlier. There is a big difference between this system and the multi-tier nature of a pyramid scheme.

Viral incentive sites such as these would be shut down immediately if they were pyramids due to the highly illegal nature of the schemes.


Alright, we've drawn to a close. I've given you all the ins and outs on how this business model works. If you don't believe me after viewing proof after proof from happy users internationally, after viewing picture after picture, testimonial after testimonial, after reading and watching the stories on WHDH-NBC, Boston,,, the New York Sun, and CNN reports, Screensavers, WIERD reports, then there's no convincing you.

Do you think these hundreds of individual reports are all part of an international joint-effort trying and scam you?

You came to this blog looking to make free money online. This is by far the easiest, and best paying way to do it. If you aren't going to get on this, just hit the "X" and take this as time wasted.

I guarantee you, if you pass this up, you will wake up in the middle of the night thinking on the day you passed up an easy alternative income...It will continue to happen until come back to this blog and take care of it!


Final Questions anyone?

Is there an age limit?
-A user must be either over the age of 18 when joining the site or 13 years or older with parental permission and in compliance with all rules of COPPA.

Can I have more than one account on the site?
-No. This is strictly against the site's policy. Having multiple accounts for a site for any reason is not allowed and will result in your account being put on hold

Can I use a public, school, or work computer to sign up?
-Although not expressly forbidden, you run the high risk of being classified as a uses with duplicate accounts. This is because of the proxy servers public areas use which may affect your account if you choose to sign up from these locations. To be safe, just don't do it.

Can I refer someone living with me?
-Only one account per household is currently allowed.

Can I get into contact with the money earning site?
-Absolutely! Especially if you choose to go with customorderthis. Live AIM support is nearly always available, and the owners/support workers will be easy to contact whenever you see fit!

How long will it take till i receive my gift?
-After you place your order, your account is reviewed and checked for any foul-play or fraudulent activity. After your account has been reviewed, Your money will be sent within one to three business days (although I've received payment from cash.customorderthis in less than five minutes from placing my order!)

Do I need anything in particular to begin my Internet marketing campaign?
-All you need is a shipping address (non P.O. Box in U.S) and a credit card (for the offer) and a paypal e-mail address. This is available to UK, Canada and Germany.

Will I get a lot of e-mail by signing up?
-All information if held in-house, not given out, not sold, not used for other resources. Like I mentioned before, there are a large number of sites such as these trying to get off the ground. Competition is simply too high to begin damaging their reputation by selling your information. Terms and Conditions very from site to site however, so be sure to have a look at it if you have and questions. If you are worried, make a free gmail, yahoo, or hotmail acount.

I live outside the US, Canada and the United Kingdom. Am I excluded from this offer?
-Absolutely not. Just note the offers you do and make sure they are supported in the country you live in before you sign up for the offer.

Got a question I didn't answer above or didn't make clear? Post a comment below and I'll promptly answer it. What you just read is nothing more than head knowledge to you at this point. Nothing is going to happen unless you act on this now!